Project 5: Launching and guiding the movement of all citizens to do physical activity to improve health

There are many studies show that regular exercise brings many benefits to human health: helps to increase longevity, is good for the heart, slowing down the aging process, reducing depression, enhancing memory, avoiding overweight and obesity, keeping your body in shape. Therefore, according to health experts, every day, people just spending about 10 minutes for an exercise that will help our body add resistance, prevent disease …

Understanding the importance and benefits of exercise for human health, the Fund for Quality of Life pioneered the movement and guided all citizens to do physical activities to improve their health with the series of contest called “Overcoming the fear of nCoV” across the country. The activity received the response of millions of people of all ages and hundreds of thousands of businesses across the country, contributing to promoting the ability to self-exercise, strengthen resistance to the Covid-19 epidemic. The exercise “Overcoming the fear of nCoV” has also been recommended by the Ministry of Health and the Vietnam Young Physicians Association to help improve health and prevent Covid. This exercise was also recognized and became: “Vietnam record in 2022”.

Simultaneously, the Fund  for Quality of Life also accompanies Green + Group to continue in the program “Olympic Running Day for the Health of all citizens in 2022″ organized by Ho Chi Minh City in March 2022, with nearly 6,000 participants, as an encouragement for people to always try to improve their health every day.

In the near future, the Fund for Quality of Life will continue to carry out meaningful projects, improve and exercise health with communities across the country with the hope that each of us can keep” golden key for health” to open all the doors of success in the future.