Project 7: Digitizing the health sector

From the first years when the Covid-19 pandemic appeared, the issue of Tele-home Health Care through a management and operating center with advanced digital means has always been the top concern of the health sector, making remote medical consultation and treatment for people extremely necessary and urgent.

The application of information technology to the maximum support for the health sector helps to store patient data, enhance remote medical examination and treatment consultation, schedule medical examination, etc., contributing to reducing the load on the number of patients having to wait, reduce crowds when the epidemic is still ongoing.

The digitalization of the health sector also ensures administrative procedures in hospitals such as scheduling medical examination and treatment, managing people entering and leaving the hospital, etc. in a more professional and efficient manner. In addition, in order to reduce the workload for health workers and facilitate patients to visit, many hospitals have now installed automatic medical examination registration machine on the floors to help patients how to register for medical examination and treatment.

And the current activities of the Fund for Quality of Life want to support many modern medical equipment with other units, and advocate for the installation of modern information technology applications for medical facilities that are still lack of physical facilities for medical examination and treatment for people in difficult areas.