For a healthy Vietnam the fourth time: “The opening ceremony to support volunteers participating in the prevention of Covid-19 epidemic in Ho Chi Minh City”

This is the activity of the 4th time, under the project No. 4 “Disease examination and treatment for 5 million people – For a healthy Vietnam”. The cooperation program between the Vietnam Young Physicians Association and Green+ Financial Investment Group is expected to be organized into 100 phases with a total budget of 20 billion VND sponsored by Green Financial Investment Group.

In response to Ho Chi Minh City’s call for medical students, staff and volunteers to assist in epidemiological investigations, data entry and management of case – person under investigation, infection chain analysis, monitoring and controlling the risk of COVID-19 infection in the community, in order to prepare for the plan to expand surveillance testing to control the epidemic… With the goal of ensuring the health of students and staff, volunteer health workers participated in epidemic prevention activities in HCM city.

On June 7, 2021, Green+ Financial Investment Group cooperated with the Ho Chi Minh City Medicine and Pharmacy University Youth Union and the Vietnam Young Physicians Association to deployed the launching ceremony “Support volunteers participating in the prevention of Covid-19 epidemic in Ho Chi Minh City”.

The program aims to rapidly test Sars-Cov-2 for 1,500 volunteers and health workers participating in Covid-19 epidemic prevention activities in Ho Chi Minh City. Specific subjects include: Students, officials and volunteers of the health sector who directly participate in sampling and data entry activities in the areas; in concentrated isolation areas; or participate in activities of epidemiological investigation, tracing…

Specifically, there will be 5 professional groups, each group includes 2 doctors and 10 students will go to the areas to perform Sars-Cov-2 rapid testing for volunteers and medical staff according to the list provided by the Ministry of Health. Pre-registration in groups of 5-10 people / batch to ensure safety against the epidemic.

Previously, on May 18, 2021, the first program “Giving 3,000 N95 masks and 1,000 Sars-Cov-2 rapid test kits worth more than 200,000,000 VND to 3 hospitals in Thu Duc City”. The 2nd and 3rd program on May 30, 2021 was “Giving 6,000 N95 masks and 2,000 Sars-Cov-2 rapid test kits worth more than 400,000,000 VND to 2 hospitals in Bac Giang epidemic center”.

Some pictures of the program: