The exercise “Overcoming the fear of nCoV” officially set a record

The video clip composing contest “Overcoming the fear of nCoV” is one of the most significant and outstanding programs under Project No. 5 – ” Launching and guiding the movement of all citizens to do physical activity to improve health”. This contest received the response of hundreds of thousands of businesses and millions of people across the country participating and responding.

After 3 months of launching, the Organizing Committee has received the attention and response of a large number of students, youth union members and people across the country with a total of 5,310 video clips submitted to the contest. The contest clip is a video clip recording the image of a group or individual performing the “Exercise to Overcome the Fear of nCoV” including 07 moves by author Dang Duc Thanh (Chairman of the Board of Directors of Green+ Group). The exercise consists of 7 simple, easy-to-practice movements that do not take up much space, both the elderly and children can practice. The movements focus on the chest, arms, legs … combined with deep breathing, helping blood circulation. In particular, it helps strengthen and restore lung function, keeping the lungs healthy to prevent Covid-19. This exercise has also been recommended by the Ministry of Health and the Vietnam Young Physician Association to strengthen health and prevent Covid-19.

Especially, with an impressive number of 5,310 clips from the national contest and more than 1,000 clips from the launch of a separate contest in a number of provinces and cities across the country; The exercise “Overcoming the fear of nCoV” has officially set a record as the exercise attracting the most number of individuals and units participating in the implementation of the practice clip in Vietnam.

Dang Duc Thanh (Chairman of the Board of Directors of Green+ Group, Chairman of Fund for Quality of Life) – the author of the exercise was honored to receive the decision and certificate of record-setting from Mr. Le Doan Hop, former Minister of Information and Communications, Chairman of the Council to establish the Vietnam Record Organization.

Some pictures from the awards ceremony: